Frequent between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympic Leonois, the seasons are played out in two clashes between advances in female T1. Following the first leg shock of the Parisians’ victory on November 20 (1-0), the championship verdict will be handed down in this return fight. The only difference this time around is that the advantage lies on the PSG side. “Earlier seasons, we were behind. There, we’re ahead, it’s changing a little bit. Oliver Ecoffney, laughs at Saturday’s press conference.

The Paris coach knows that his players, two days before the end and closer than ever before France’s first champions, will be “ready” for the challenge to represent the final turning point of the season. And “mature” has confidence in his team. “We are leaders, we want to stay that way and achieve a better performance in Lyon,” he assures us. It is not yet certain if PSG will have all its vitality in Lyon, while its home scorer Mary-Antoinette Cotto (hit in the left thigh on May 9) will embark on the journey, but the decision on his participation will be made on Sunday.

“We know there may be some kind of instability.”

During the semi-final second leg of the Champions League, F.C. The same is true for his Brazilian Quadra Formica, who suffered a setback against Barcelona, ​​but it is “not yet 100%”. That shouldn’t be enough to bother Echowafnie, who has already beaten OL twice this season (both in the first leg of the championship and in the C1 quarterfinals), and should also officially dismiss his goalkeeper Christian Endler for OL at the end of the season. “We know there’s a kind of instability, we do not want to go into it in any way. We are now.

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The same story on the side of Grace Kyoro was triggered by a statement from Lyon coach Sonia Bombaster the day before – “The end of OL’s rule is not over now”. “It’s natural for them to be confident, but we know our qualities, we know our season. We are well prepared, we will not give up, the 23 – year – old international midfielder promises. They will want to look for us as leaders. Being solid is ours. We must be killers.On either side, the shock has already begun.


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