Elisabeth Borne devrait être dans la Manche vendredi 14 février pour décliner les mesures visant à limiter à l'avenir les risques de submersion marine.

The rule, which sets working hours as 100% delivery from the end of October 2020, and the relaxed rule in January, will change the possibility of returning to the site one day a week from June 9th. “We are removing 100% of the teleworking barriers on this date”, Labor Minister Elizabeth Borne announces Parisian — in France today.

Minimum telecommunication days per week to negotiate

Delivery will no longer be the norm, but there is no doubt about abandoning it altogether. The Ministry of Labor insists “As of June 9, an employer will not use the protocol to ask all its employees to return 100%.” It will come into effect from June 9. The text, which was sent to community partners on Wednesday evening, will be discussed via video conference between community partners and the Minister of Labor on Monday. Elizabeth Bourne reminds us that long-distance work is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of SARS-Cowie-2 infection.. He therefore recommends a gradual return to the site. It requires employers to negotiate telecommunications contracts for a minimum number of days per week, based on the National Employment Agreement (Years) November 26, 2020. The government employer for public service has already worked on the phone for 3 days.

Wearing a mask is mandatory, but pots are allowed

Relaxation allows the progression of the curves of the infection Protocol , But while maintaining key employee safety measures. The Should favor audio or video conference meetings, But when they are conducted face-to-face, observance of restraining gestures, especially wearing masks, is the rules of ventilation / ventilation activities and distance to the premises. 50% of the path should be used in canteens Aggression like restaurants.

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Resetting protocol Opportunity to organize harmonious moments Integrating employees directly into the professional framework. These pots suspended from the end of October “Can be organized in strict compliance with prohibition gestures, especially wearing masks in restricted areas, ventilation / ventilation activities and distance rules”.


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