Croatia, Maxi Investigation Overwhelms Government: Minister's Arrest, Deputy Prime Minister's Investigation.  Chief Executive Officer:

Darko Horvat The center-right conservative Croatian Executive Minister led by the conservative Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovich, He was arrested after an extensive operation by the judiciary investigating crimes abuse from the office And the Aiding and abetting at the highest levels of government. Horvat, Minister of Urban Space and Construction, was taken to the police station for one person Questioning After he was home I searched.

According to the first information released by the Zagreb press, Horvat is suspected of abuse of position ingrant grants And assistance in some economic development projects for companies in the municipalities in which they reside national minorities and economically disadvantaged areas in 2018, When he was minister ofEconomie. Under investigation, media reports, I am also the current Deputy Prime Minister, Boris Milosevic At that time he was the deputy of the Serbian minority, the former Minister of Regional Development, Tomislav Tolosic, Undersecretary and former senior members of the administration of some ministries and government agencies.

at Press Conference Prime Minister Plenkovic said it’s exceptional Surprised Who is this This is a drastic gesture from the judiciary To arrest a minister in office, to demand clarifications. Leave Plenkovic resignation From his government, noting that the parliamentary majority is stable. However, at the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of replacing Minister Horvat “since there was someone in the Pre-trial detention Obviously can not be carried out on a regular basis mission as a member of the government.”

Previously, the opposition had submitted one against Horvat motion of no confidence, Which is scheduled to be discussed next week – the reason for the slow pace of reconstruction work a Zagreb And in the area Benijathat was hit by the fort earthquake of 2020. But now, after the arrest of the minister, the opposition is demanding The resignation of the entire government and early elections.

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