Checo Pérez 'made Max Verstappen nervous' after sending him a kiss in Red Bull ad
Checo Pérez ‘made Max Verstappen nervous’ after sending him a kiss in a new Red Bull ad (Video: Youtube/Red Bull Racing)

Everything seems to indicate that, although there is a whole dispute about Drivers World Cup On the Formula 1The relationship between Sergio Perez y Max Verstappen More solid than ever because there are already so many jokes, jokes and laughs that he shares Red Bull Among its two star drivers.

On this occasion, the Austrian team took home the grand prize with a promotional video between them Czech y maxwho sat at a table as part of a new game in which they competed by not laughing at the slightest provocation.

like a good latino, Czech Perez He put his ‘hot’ and comedic side into the ‘Don’t Laugh Challenge’ dynamics, and with the intent of eliciting laughs from the current world champion, I send you a kiss in the airA gesture that made him lose control Verstappen And he started laughing despite his attempts to contain himself.

Checo Pérez “made Max Verstappen nervous” after sending him a kiss in a new Red Bull ad (Image: Youtube/Red Bull Racing)

This was supposed Red Bull Racing Through their social networks, because at the beginning of the video they put the clip as a hook, because it was a star moment and this proves their unusual off-track relationship.

Likewise, this gesture was recognized by his fans as “another one” in which messages with a double meaning are sent, as it was the kind of joke they chanted on multiple occasions.

From “Checo’s Special Dances” to the day Verstappen was found naked after winning a race, there are many anecdotes they flaunt among their jokes when they come into contact with certain microphones, which they have already patented as a symbol of friendship.

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Similarly, this good relationship was also reflected in the recent activity of Formula 1where the new video game is being promoted F122 They put all the drivers on the grid to try to guess what qualifications the heroes of the game have In different areas, such as race pace, experience and better handling to avoid penalties.

Formula 1 drivers have conducted an exercise to try to guess the skills of their teammates in the new F1 2022 game.

How could it be otherwise, at the end of the exercise, the two Red Bull drivers joked with the tags given to them by the organization and drew their printed faces. While Czech face on lips the aboveThe Dutchman drew him a “Mexican” mustache that provoked laughter.

Regarding the qualifications that were set, the first item thrown was an item expertisewhere omar Czech Perez weighed in and hit a teammate, both in the official score and in guessing by Verstappen, Well, Sergio got a value of 83, while Max stayed at 72.

Later entered the class horse racing vehicle, which is described as the ability to finish in a better position than where you begin. in this area Max Verstappen He destroyed his teammate, because though Czech Received a rating of 89 from the developers, the Dutch rating got a 98, which surprised the Mexican.

Max Verstappen drew a mustache on Checo Pérez after qualifying in a new video game (Image: Youtube/Formula 1)
Max Verstappen drew a mustache on Checo Pérez after qualifying in a new video game (Image: Youtube/Formula 1)

The third category was consciousness, which can be consciousness or knowledge in a literal translation, which is why F122 described it as the ability to avoid punishments or calls for attention by guards. in this aspect Perez He beat his partner with a score of 85, while the above stayed at 79.

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The fourth item they had to guess was the speed of the race, where again Verstappen He won, rated 97 for part of the game, while Czech He came back to stay with 89.

With these results obtained and revealed as the game progressed, the two had to try to guess the total value of their partner in the game.

Compare Verstappen and Messi . Perez and tried to give it a high rating, because it ranked it 93, one point lower than the official score; While the Dutchman was right and rated it 88, an overall value that would have relevance to the 2022 race video game.

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