Severodonetsk, a ruined hospital with a red cross on its roof.  The Cavusoglu Lavrov meeting on grain and the port of Berdyansk was reopened

Von der Leyen: “Wheat is in Putin’s arsenal”

there food crisis Born in wheat Ukrainian is the fruit of “cold, numb and calculated siege Putin to some of the most vulnerable countries and people in the world. Food has become a part ofarsenal of horror The Kremlin.” The President of the European Union Commission said that Ursula von der Leyen Speaking at the plenary session of the European Parliament, he emphasized that European sanctions do not target foodstuffs prohibited in Ukraine.

Berdyansk port reopened full of grain

port of southeast ukraine Berdyanskoccupied by the Russians reopened after, after Demining It is expected that the first ships with wheat He told the Russian news agency TASS that they will sail this weekend Vladimir Rogov, self-proclaimed local government board member “Everything is ready to ship the goods, and the grain will probably start first. Actually here There are a lot of grainsAll lifts are full.” The first ships are expected to leave the port this weekend.

Cavusoglu Lavrov meeting on wheat

Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Cavusoglu Received his Russian counterpart in Ankara Sergey Lavrov. Anadolu knows. Create safe passages to allow merchant ships to carry Ukrainian wheat Across the Black Sea is the main topic of the meeting between ministers in the Turkish capital. A joint press conference is scheduled at the end of the talks.

Di Maio: “We participate in the wheat effort”

Helping Ukraine export millions of tons of wheat The food currently imprisoned in his silos isEmergency. Prime Minister Mario Draghi Discuss this issue with President Putin and the President Zelensky. Italy supports the efforts of the United Nations and the European Union to address this problem and thanks the German G7 Presidency for its commitment. We will continue to actively contribute to all international efforts to find a solution.” The Foreign Minister said that, Luigi Di Maioat the Mediterranean Ministerial Dialogue on the Food Crisis in Farnesina.

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Intelligence: “Ukrainians remain in Severodonetsk”

The Ukrainian defenses ‘Holding’ in East City Severodonetsk, The nerve center of the conflict, though Attacks From the Russians in three directions. It is unlikely that either side captured significant territories on the last day:intelligence subordinate British Ministry of Defense In its update today. According to the report, Russia is focusing its attacks on the eastern region of the country Donbass, still on the defensive elsewhere. On the other hand, Ukrainian forces achieved “some success” in counterattacks in the southern Kherson region and regained a foothold east of the Ingolits River. Both sides struggle to free up forces for new attacks while maintaining defensive lines on a 500-kilometre front.

Hospital destroyed in Severodonetsk

two Hospitals they were destroyed Come on Bombing Russians Severodonetsk And the Rubignyin eastern Ukraine, as evidenced by new satellite images taken Maxar Technologies and posted it CNN. A large painting was painted on the roof of the hospital in Severodonetsk Red Cross. In the south of Robijn, in addition to the hospital, a pharmaceutical company and the surrounding buildings were destroyed.

Aiea: Chernobyl retransmits data

Dozens of detectors radiation They started broadcasting again data From the area around the nuclear power plant Chernobylafter Ukraine with technical support from the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) I was able to restart the information link that was cut off at the beginning of the conflict with Russia more than 100 days ago. This was stated by the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Mariano Grossi.

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Moscow’s chief rabbi flees Russia

The Chief Rabbi from Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidtescaped from Russia After being pressured to keepInvasion of Ukraine. This was announced by Avital Cesek Goldschmidt, a journalist in the United States and daughter-in-law of the Jewish religious authority. “I can finally make it clear to everyone – the reporter writes on her Twitter account – that my in-laws have been pressured by the authorities to support “special operation” in Ukraine They refused it.” “They fled Hungary Two weeks after the Russian invasion they are now in exile from the community they loved, built and raised their children in for more than 33 years,” explains Cheszek Goldschmidt.

He brought a thousand Azovstal soldiers to Russia

More than a thousand between army Ukrainians And the mercenaries Aliens who surrender Mariupol They were taken to Russia to be questionAccording to a security source from the Russian news agency TASS.


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