Si rischia una multa fino a 444 euro

You risk a fine of up to 444 euroswith this hot recordFor many, the only comfort is guaranteed by using air conditioning, Whether in buildings, shops or in the car. However, in the latter case, enjoying synthetic refreshments can be costly. Here’s how the rules work On the use of air conditioning in the car How to avoid heavy fines.

Air conditioning rules in the car as I repeated Sky TG 24, through the highway code. In particular, paragraph 7 of Article 157 mandates the following: It is strictly forbidden to start the engine while the vehicle is stopped Or parked to keep the air conditioner running. Standard Can be used in summer, winter and in all downtimeIt is clearly invalid if the vehicle is in motion. Therefore it is not valid even in cases of “stopping or cutting the march”, Essential in case of queues, traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

The Highway Law also states that violators are subject to administrative penalty by paying the amount An amount between 223 and 444 euros. Everyone who is asked to take the tests has already proven to be inflexible. A few years ago, a motorist from Como was fined by the local police a total of €218 for standing on the side of the road with the engine and air conditioning running while on the phone. there Law On the air conditioning system inside the cars Introduced in 2007amended after three years. The stated aim is to reduce pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In 2014 and then in April 2022 the code was updated regarding fine amounts.

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