A female student gets 20 tickets for speeding, but she is not responsible.  My bike was in the garage.

Junk mail for one person student Biker Karen Goode, from Northampton (Great Britain), who received a letter telling her that she had been photographed by speed cameras While traveling at 50 mph on Carmarthen Road, Swansea, where the speed limit is 30 mph. After the first message arrived in April, Karen received in the following weeks More and more fines To rush by the South Wales Police.

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They are in total 20 Malt It is delivered to the student’s address inside Five months. He initially thought it was a joke, but later he had to stick to it complaint.: The student assumes that someone has copied the license plate on her number Motorcycle Honda CB Series Although they reported the matter to the police and provided evidence, many Keep coming.

As Wells reported online, Karen said: ‘It is shockingI didn’t even get on my motorbike, and I found a message through the door. When you get one in the mail, you think it’s wrong, but getting too many can only be one joke».

The student claims that she has proven to police subordinate South Wales That she was not responsible for these speeding violations: on the day the fines were issued, her motorcycle was in a garage in Northampton. to confirm him hypothesis, and the low numbers of mileage It turns out that the vehicle did not leave the local area.

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After calling the police, Ms Goode said she was told:He ignores tickets because they do not have the manpower available to arrest the responsible person.” But despite Karen following the advice of the police, a new warning is sent to her as she is warned that she will arrive soon. “Delayed directly to the Magistrate’s Court.

“It seems that nothing has been done about it,” Karen Wills said. It was a lot overwroughtNot only for me, but also for my family. I just don’t know what to do and it didn’t solve the problem. Things have been said to me contradictoryThe ticketing organization tells me not to worry, but there police From South Wales it is he who warns me and urges me to appoint the person responsible.

He added, “They can hurt someone or… killing baby and come back to me. I’m physically ill, two biker friends were killed last week and I’m afraid my friends Motorcycle is now from wanted».

WalesOnline contacted South Wales Police, who said it was a problem for GoSafe, who was in charge of the speed camera along Carmarthen Road, who said: “We cannot comment on the current case.”

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