Faker and T1s achieve the perfect split

With this morning’s win over DRX, the final score 2-0, today’s Faker and T1 scored their 18th consecutive LCK win. They finished the regular season in first place and were not defeated! Qualified directly for the second round of playoffs, the T1s will return to competition this weekend on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March.

Faker and T1 write a new page in the history of LCK

Back in action Sunday morning, March 20 for K-League fans with day five of the ninth and final week of LCK Summer Split 2022, the last day of the regular season. This final day of competition got off to a strong start with BO3 between Kwangdong Freecs and Liiv Sandbox, with Teddy and his buddies winning 2-0 allowing them to verify their qualification to the playoffs, thus capturing the final slot of the Tour. Beard and nose qualifiers for kt Rolster who are now out of the race.

In the second part of the day it’s time for the most anticipated meeting with BO3 between T1 and DRX. In an impressive streak of 17 straight wins before facing DRX, the T1s remain undefeated in the league and just one game away from ending the regular season with a perfect split, which would be their first superb in the league. On March 11th, Wacker and the T1 players wrote a new page in history by breaking the SK Telecom T1 victory number he had held since summer 2015, but Polt and Moment’s men wanted to close this regular season in the best way possible.

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Round one went for the better with great control of the T1s, and that’s since the start of the laning stage. There were some blunders, and moves that were a bit aggressive, but the Faker gang dominated discussions, especially on a macro level and in team fights. Even if they persisted in the early match, and reclaimed the first drake, DRX failed to gain the upper hand and the advantage over their opponents, as they experienced a rough mid/late game. Zeus’ work throughout the Lanning phase and in team battles was a large factor in his team’s dominance, especially in team fights; The toplaner finished this match with KDA 4/0/6 and took the most damage to his team, well ahead of two Faker and Gumayusi. The T1s only needed 29 minutes to beat the DRX in this 1 game.

The story started

The second round was the same as the first with good control of T1 from the first minutes of play. The level of play of Zeus, Honor and Keri in this game was really impressive, especially on the support side of this T1 team, present everywhere on the map to provide the necessary support in the most critical moments. Faker did not outperform in terms of performance, especially as the quarterback played Veigar competitively for the first time today, bringing the champion’s total to 72. The gap between the gold medals wasn’t great. They were quite resistant during the lane phase, but once T1 put a big boost into the accelerator, shortly before the 25th minute of play, they definitely had a hands on the game.

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T1 once again showed many qualities this morning, both on a strategic level and on a macro level. As we were also able to see again this morning against the DRX, the T1 botlane was really great, the duo formed by Gumayushi and Keria is establishing itself more and more as one of the best planes in the world (waiting for possible confirmation at the upcoming international event); The level of play in T1 botlaner is simply impressive. In addition to the individual level playing of each member of this squad, with Zeus also having a huge role in his team’s victory today, T1s continue to show some really great synergy, with five players on the same field. The wave that each has their strengths and where each weakness is erased by the work of the rest of the team. Although these five still make mistakes today, their ability to learn and make up for their mistakes is simply amazing, and we can see today that only one member of the team can turn the tide of the game themselves.

The T1s have had the incredible feat of staying undefeated throughout the entire regular season, but the most important thing is yet to come as they will now have to go to win the title; The LCK Spring Split 2022 Qualifiers will begin next March 23 with the first round of the tree. By taking first place, T1 advances directly to the second round of these qualifiers which will take place on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1s5-K71FCo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy0kYAKieRU


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