Carnival pasta, a delicious and easy first dish to delight children: I make it every year

The first course, which children especially like, is easy to prepare but at the same time delicious. An explosion of colors that delights the soul and palate. This is the recipe for you

Carnival has its roots in the past. The term is derived from Latin “remove meat” Which means translated “Eliminate meat”. Reference is made to the feast held on the last day of Carnival before Lent Where it is not permissible to eat meat.

But the origin of masks goes back to the Egyptian era. In honor of the goddess Isis, the faithful would dress up, a custom later revived in ancient Rome which coincided with the Feast of Saturn when social rules could be overturned by wearing masks. The poor became rich for a day and vice versa, and after the celebrations ended, they returned to their normal lives.

In the Middle Ages, during this time of year, the most unfortunate could wear the king's crown. It is known that there is no specific date, Because it all depends on when Easter arrives.

As for sweets, the so-called chiacchiere is popular, and its name and ingredients vary depending on the region of origin. Then we have other really delicious ones, like castagnole, cicerchiata, potato donuts, ferrata. clearly Even the first courses were a great success. In this regard we can mention spaghetti.

The first carnival session that kids love

Castagnole are round shaped sweets With custard, ricotta and jams inside. Cicerchiata is one Donuts made from fried dough balls Covered with honey (reminiscent of Neapolitan struffoli) and Ferrata are puff pastry dumplings With wheat, ricotta, salt, cinnamon and marjoram.

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The list is huge, But let's focus on the Carnival spaghetti. Those who love first courses cannot miss this wonderful recipe. Below are the ingredients and the procedure that we can find on a well-known culinary arts website.

Color Explosion –

Ingredients and recipe method

on We can find the Arlecchino pasta recipeThat is, it is the thing that children love most because it is full of colors. Ingredients are 200g pasta, 5 green beans, 1 carrot, extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 yellow pepper, 1/2 onion.

First you need to cut and clean the vegetables into thin slices, chop the onions finely and cook them in a pan with 3 tablespoons of oil. After 5 minutes, add the vegetables and brown everything, adding half a cup of water. Leave it in the oven for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the spaghetti should be cooked in salted water and then drained after a while. Then put the cooked spaghetti in the pan and mix everything together. The dish is served.


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