She was found sleeping hugging her dog –

In the Chase family, Wednesday, September 20, seemed like a day like any other. smallest theJust two years old, he was playing in the park with his two dogs: a Rottweiler owner And the Spanish Springer, the English Hartley. His mother and uncle were inside, certain that nothing unexpected would ever happen. They were wrong: around eight o’clock in the evening in a small rural village Fairthorne, MichiganA major search operation was launched that included not only specialized police teams equipped with drones and canine units, but also dozens of ordinary citizens. In fact, the little girl suddenly disappeared. It appears to have disappeared along with both animals.

Happy ending after four hours

It was Mother Brooke who informed the authorities after a quarter of an hour of fruitless searches. Despite the massive deployment of forces. At midnight there was no sign of Thea. Then the turning point: A family friend, riding a quad bike in the woods, came across Buddy, who as soon as he saw him started barking to get his attention. In reality, A few feet away was Thea: Healthy, safe and not cold at all – the temperature was around 15 degrees Celsius -, She fell asleep hugging Hartley. He walked about five kilometers barefoot without realizing the horror he had caused. “Hello mother» (“Hello, Mom”), began with carelessness After driving him home.

-Thea with Buddy, one of the family’s two dogs (Brooke Chase)

It was protected by dogs

“When we get a call like this, everything else stops,” he added. CNN The police lieutenant who coordinated the search. “She was lying down and She used one of the dogs as a pillow, while the other stayed by her side and kept her company – As has been confirmedNews agency -. “It’s a really great story.”. However, it was Brock who breathed a sigh of relief, writing on Facebook the next day: “It was a nightmare I never wanted to live. I’m so happy that my little girl is coming home with us tonight. The dogs kept her safe. I’m still in shock.” A week later, the woman still cannot understand how Thea managed to escape: Of course from now on He would never take his eyes off her again.

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