Ukraine, Zelensky's slip slip with the United States.  Blinken and Austin in Kyiv, so the frost has fallen - the weather
Giada Oricchio

“Blinken and Austin in Ukraine”. The White House is angry. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, at a press conference on Saturday, April 23, unexpectedly announced the first official visits of US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, and Pentagon chief, Lloyd Austin, on Sunday, April 24. An issue that affected the world and stunned the press for not circulating it.

Well, according to the newspaper’s background RepublicThe whole revelation was the work of Case Zelensky and above all it was not agreed upon with the US administration, Ukraine’s most powerful ally. The statement affected relations with White House staff angry about the leak and forced a review of security plans. After waiting, silence fell. Only when Blinkin and Austin came face-to-face with the Ukrainian president was news of Zelensky’s talks and demands: a comprehensive gas ban and a list of Russian weapons: anti-missile systems, anti-aircraft systems, armored vehicles and armed tanks.

The United States has so far provided $3.4 billion in aid, and Europe has followed suit, but now the first no’s are beginning to emerge. Two months after the invasion, negotiations are silent and weapons are screaming.

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