Goodbye Telam, Miley announces closure

President Javier Miley – ANSA

“We will close Telam, which has been used in recent decades as a Kirchnerian propaganda agency.” With these words, Argentine President Javier Miley announced to the Assembly, in his speech at the opening of the legislative year, the cessation of the National Agency, one of the main agencies in Latin America. “Telam” itself broke the news immediately, with A A dry and concise launch, accompanied by the most important takes from the last 78 years of activity
It was established in 1945 to disseminate “federal and pluralistic information in the country” – as we read – and employs more than 700 journalists, and is the only one that has correspondents in every province. Its closure is part of the radical cuts program promised by the far-right leader. “The last 20 years have been an orgy of public spending,” Miley said, pointing the finger at previous administrations at the current “critical moment,” with inflation at 254 percent and poverty at more than 60 percent. The Argentine Journalism Forum (Fopea) criticized the decision to close “Telam”: “In the context of rampant disinformation, public means are crucial to promoting the construction of informed public opinion.”

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