Gasola: He's not used to being 'attacked like that'

Gasola: He’s not used to being ‘attacked like that’

Klaus Gasula

Klaus Gasula from Hamburg. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa/file photo

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NSAMBURG (dpa/lno) – After moving to Darmstadt 98, professional footballer Klaus Jesola drew a crucial budget for his time at second-division football club Hamburg SV. “I was told I would not be happy here anymore,” said the Hamburg Abendblatt defensive midfielder (Tuesday). The 31-year-old was particularly affected by public criticism.

“I wasn’t used to being attacked like that from every angle after a bad match. It takes away the fun of football. If you don’t feel good anymore, you won’t be able to see your performance,” he said of the comments on social media.

“It’s a big problem with HSV and more serious than anywhere else. Every player gets it, even if they don’t say it. You have to be able to deal with it like a professional, but at some point it’s also fine”, confirmed the Albanian international, who signed with HSV In the previous season, he only participated in 15 matches in the second division matches.

Gasula reported the consequences of verbal abuse. “One player has taken off social media to find peace of mind. It can’t be. You put pressure on yourself because you want to show it to everyone. The opposite happened to me.”

The strong fencing player returns a few days after his move to HSV. Darmstadt 98 plays in Hamburg on Sunday. “It’s strange to come back to Volkspark after such a short time and play against the guys I’ve been sitting with lately every day,” he says. But he looks forward to seeing you again, ‘because I get along well with the boys. That’s the only reason I’m happy in HSV despite everything.”

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