The second season of “Emily In Paris” started on Netflix on Wednesday. However, German fans expect a big change. For all intents and purposes the main character Emily has got a new voice actress – which not everyone likes


Fans of the popular Netflix series “Emily in Paris” can expect a surprise when Season 2 hits – but only in the German translated version. Because there the main character Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) suddenly hears in a different voice. So if you also have a question mark in your head and keep your feeling pessimistic, be sure: your hearing is all right. Instead of Victoria Frances, Lena Rabe More now gives voice to the series’ heroine.

Rossin is known as the German voice in the Victoria French “Star Wars” and has been one of Lily Collins’ regular speakers for many years. So it is very surprising that it has now been transformed into one of the most successful Netflix series. There may have been planning issues preventing the use of Frenz to set season 2 to music. We have already asked Netflix for an official report. The answer is still pending. Once we find out the reason for that, we will announce it.

Lina Rabe Mohar also has a lot of experience as a voice actress. For example, he spoke of Manila in the “House of Money” and Miss Minute Marvel series “Loki”. She is also the regular spokesperson for Anya Taylor-Joy and has been named an American actress in the Netflix hit “The Lady’s Gambit” and the current film “Last Night in Soho”.

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This is how fans react to Emily’s new dubbed voice in Season 2

So far, this change does not seem to be a big issue for fans. That may change in the next few days because Season 2 has just been released and of course not all fans will have a chance to see it. However, during our research on Twitter, we were already able to find some isolated voices who noticed the change and were very angry about it.

Some tweets did not shed good light on the new dubbed voice, but the comments expressed in them should not be exaggerated. The low number of tweets is not representative and does not allow any decisions to be made about the total number of fans. After all, those who like the new voice have fewer reasons to tweet about it than those who want to express their dissatisfaction.

In addition, it goes without saying that you have to get used to it when a series character you know in a particular voice suddenly sounds completely different. Often enough for a few episodes, you forgot to switch. So if you are annoyed about the change, you need to be patient first and digest the first “shock”.

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