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(ANSA) – CARACAS, SEPTEMBER 05 – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that “in Venezuela there was absolutely no political duplicity,” as a result of a parallel government to his, stressing that “yes, there was a brutal campaign that touched stupidly someone who thinks he is the “President” temporary country.

In an interview with state television VTV, Maduro added that “the United States has chosen a puppet, a puppet (referring to opposition leader Juan Guaido, editor) to overthrow a national government and destroy the revolution.”

As for Venezuela’s history, he continued, Guaido was “crushed and defeated as a hero for trying to seriously interfere in Venezuela’s internal politics.”

In response to a question from the interlocutor about a possible “impunity” for Guaido in the context of the ongoing negotiations in Mexico, the head of state stressed that “there will be no impunity either in Mexico or on the surface of Mars.”

He added, “There must be severe justice – he said – for the many damage he and his people have done to our country, encouraging the alienation of Venezuelan Citgo and Monomeros, and the blockade of more than $8,000 million abroad and $2,200 million of gold frozen in the Bank of England.” And about the sanctions that prevented exports and free trade to Venezuela.”

“Justice may be delayed – but I’m sure it will come at some point,” he concluded. (Dealing).

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