There have been many rumors about the relationship between Ekaterina Leonova and Gill Ofarim.Image: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius

After a gap of two years, Ekaterina Leonova returns as a professional dancer in “Let’s Dance”. This year your partner is comedian and podcaster Bastian Bylandorfer. Since Ekat is the most successful dancer in “Let’s Dance”, the expectations of the native Russians are high. As if that did not impress him enough, he also won the Dance Trophy three times in a row: He won with singer Gill Ofarim in 2017, he won with comedian Ingolf Luke a year later, and in 2019 joined former handball player Pascal Haynes to take first place. In addition, he won the professional challenge in 2019 with Massimo Sinató.

But Ekaterina did not make a name for herself just because of her dancing skills. When the 34-year-old danced with Gill Ofform on “Let’s Dance” five years ago, there were repeated rumors that the two were going through more than a purely professional relationship. Now, in an interview, Ekaterina once commented on the rumors.

Is something going on between Ekaterina Leonova and Gil Ofarim?

With “PictureAs Ekaterina Leonova makes her comeback on “Let’s Dance”, it is not currently possible whether she will be able to continue her winning streak this year, as her dance partner Bastian Bylandorfer scored just eight points on the last show. However, Ekat got into a fight. Interview and stressed: “I’m incredibly happy to be back. Of course, success is always the goal. I enjoy shows and format.” At the same time, he humbly insisted: “The winner is always the celebrity, not the professional.”

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His relationship with Gill Ofarim was also discussed in the conversation. When asked if she and Gill have ever been a couple, Ekat replied:

“There’s always been rumors about ‘Let’s Dance’ couples. There’s always been. We’re a dance couple and I can say we’ve won the trophy.

Ekaterina Leonova and Gill Ofarim danced together in 2017 "Let's dance".

Ekaterina Leonova and Gill Ofarim danced together at the 2017 “Let’s Dance”.Image: Getty Images Europe / Florian Ebener

He added that he was not currently in contact with the “Part of Me” translator. What should at least surprise fans in this context is that Ekaterina had the most fun with any dance partner: of course she was a comedian and called the “Weekly Show” icon Ingolf look.

This is how Ekat imagines her dream hero

Professionally, Ekaterina is now performing better than ever: In addition to his commitment to “Let’s Dance”, he also serves as Marketing and Communications Manager. Fortunately, she’s got a job that allows her to pursue TV work as well. When it comes to love affairs, television exposure is minimal. Has been lonely since last year.

But the dancer knows exactly what his dream partner should look like: “The man should be at least as tall as me, so he should be 1.74 meters. I can wear high heels if he is a little taller.” She has no choice otherwise. It did not matter to her whether the man was blonde or had dark hair, and said more and more: “It must click. The man must be alive and can imagine family life.”


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