Under the Sun: David Precourt Takes a Look at His

interview by Tele-Leisure Tuesday April 12 David Precourt told this crazy story that moved his years under the sun, when Baptiste, husband of Tonya Kinzinger, aka Jessica, camped.

under the sun TF1 made headlines during the 2000s. Today, all fourteen seasons (yes, we know…) have arrived in Salto, and Tele-Leisure Taking the opportunity to meet the person who arrived in Season 2, he played Baptiste, Jessica’s husband, one of three girlfriends whose love life viewers have followed. Raised by Tonya Kinzinger, Jessica lived to the beat of her favorites and those of her friends, Laure (Benedict Delmas) and Caroline (Adeline Blondieu). She then shared the life of Baptiste, an eminent physician, embodied by David Precourt. The actor, now 57, was the subject of an interview conducted by our colleagues.

Distinguished by these years of photography, keeps above all Collusion with Tonya Kinzinger, did he say. The actress who plays Dr. Janet Lewis in it This great sun In France 2, she played Baptiste’s wife for three years.

“The true story of the cameras”

“It was really something really unbelievableDavid Precourt, captured. Because I really felt like I was living with her a true off-camera story. It was crazy.” On his way, he explained that he sometimes finds it difficult to separate life from the stage. “We were husband and wife, We played mom and dad all day long. It was still weird and curious but awesome at the same time.”, analyze. And to add:I was lucky to come across this woman.” It’s hard to argue with him about that.

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But what united the actors in particular was their strictness. “Tonya is a worker like me, we had a great meeting”, note. But the beautiful complicity will remain without a future. David Precourt has admitted that he does not want to play with Tonya Kinzinger This great sun. “There was a lot of complicity between us. When you find yourself in another story, I will find that very incoherent. It was so real between me and Tonya.”captured.Otherwise we shouldn’t be husband and wife and there’s another incredible story. In that case, it would be interesting to meet again.” Scriptwriters Attention!


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