How did she continue on Sunday (March 13, 2022) with “Get on the bed! Garden soap”? The answer is here: all the information about the online recurrence of “Claus & Friends – Raised Bed” in the media library and on TV, as well as the upcoming TV dates of the program “Ab in Beet! Die Garten-Soap”.

Go to bed! Garden Soap at VOX
Photo: VOX, transmitted by FUNKE magazines

On Sunday (March 13, 2022) there was another episode of “Ab ins Beet! Die Garten-Soap” on TV at 7:10 PM. You have a series of gardens in Fox I can’t see episode 2 and still want to watch episode 2 of season 20 (“Claus & His Friends – Loft Bed”)? Vox Media Library TV Now can come in handy here. This offers many online TV contributions as video-on-demand for broadcasting – also and above all after the respective broadcast on TV. You can usually find the program in the media library after it is broadcast on the TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Vox iteration on classic TV in the near future.

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‘Go to Bed! Garden Soap’ on TV: This is what the Garden Series is all about

Spring at the “peaceful neighbour”. Claus’ custom gardener plans a private raised bed. Young vegetables should grow in a curved bed. But there are rules: it can only be made of wood, says the plate. In Wegberg, Henrik saw a hole in the huge wooden house. A pizza and bread oven is built here. There is already a door to the Love Tree in East Friesland. Reinhard builds the rest around him. Yout surprised again. (Source: Vox, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

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A quick glimpse of all the information about “Off the Bed! Garden Soap” on TV

consequence: 2 / Season 20

at: Fox

TypeGarden Series

year of production: 2021

Long: 65 minutes

in high definition: Yes

Next episodes of “Off to the bed! The Garden Soap” on TV

You can find out where and when you can watch the other versions of “Ab ins Beet! Die Garten-Soap” here:

Episode title(s) series consequence History time sender all the time
20 3 20.3.2022 7:10 pm VOX 65 minutes

(Details of the season and episode number are determined by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the designation in official episode guides)

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