Kamala Harris, all the troubles of a vice president

aThe White House rescue has now begun: While Ron Klein, Joe Biden’s chief of staff, paid tribute, Kamala Harris And his team, even the former president taking over the field, Bill Clinton, who paints an unusually positive picture of Tina Flournoy, the woman who became the right-hand man of the Vice President of the United States after a long political career in the Democratic Party that began in the 1990s in the Clinton White House where she was chief of staff. Ma The case that rocks Harris’s unlocked officeAfter the anonymous rebellion of several members of the team of collaborators interviewed by the site الموقع Politico.comTalk about a conflicting and disorganized work environment, and an unbreathable climate.

Many people note that things do not have to go smoothly if, after a few months of the new administration taking office, Harris has already been abandoned by two of his closest aidesWhile the Director of Digital Activities has also resigned. And someone remembers that it’s not the first time that Kamala has seemed ineffective at the organizational level: two years ago too His presidential campaign team is collapsing even before the primaries even begin Between controversies, accusations of abuse and an unexpectedly rapid depletion of electoral funds, perhaps badly. Last year, Biden took it back, putting it on his presidential ticket.

In short, raining in the rain to cum, Attacking him from the right and from the left of how to manage the immigration emergency Illegal immigrants (the objective task assigned to her by Biden): From the trip to Mexico and Guatemala (the right accuses her of ineffective, the left criticizes her call for repatriation of Central American immigrants) Final mission in Texas, on the El Paso border. A visit would have been decided too late (94 days after Kamala was named immigration czar) And maybe just so she won’t be outdone by Donald Trump, who also went to Texas a few days later.

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That trip was too أيض Exploder clash in team cum. a second Politico.comA few days into the trip, no one, not even those who had to organize it, knew that she was going to El Paso. A decision criticized by many because, Choosing the most peaceful border point instead of the most problematic points Like assembly centers in McAllen or Tucson, Arizona, it gave Harris the feeling of being a media show rather than a true operational mission.

The 22 former assistants and assistants to the vice president interviewed Politico.comattributed Disasters and organizational tensions in Tina Flournoy He would, with the intent of protecting her, isolate the Vice President and make communications difficult. Then, when something goes wrong, Flournoy will always be willing to pass all the responsibility on to some subordinate. Simone Sanders, a spokeswoman for Harris, defends Flornoy and claims to manage her muscles: We certainly don’t stand here drawing rainbows and bunnies all day, while for us black women everything is getting tougher.

There is definitely some truth in these defenses, because that too Harris has been given a lot of difficult tasks (In addition to immigration also defending electoral rights, space, digital networks and labor) And his team, unlike Biden’s, is small and inexperienced. But make it clear Behind the attacks there is also the malaise of some democratic circles Convinced that Harris will not be able to put together an electoral coalition as broad as the one Biden built, if the president fails to re-progress in 2024.

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