Shocking figures from Alianza Lima in the Copa Libertadores after falling to Fortaleza at the National
The striker came in the second half of the match against Fortaleza. Photo: Movistar Sports.

Lima Alliance Fell again in Editor’s Cup Their negative numbers are increasing. The “blue and white” team lost 2-0 on the field to the Brazilian team Fortaleza and reached a historical series of defeats represented in the 28 games without a win. They will close their participation, now with no options for the international tournaments, against River Plate in Argentina.

It’s been 10 years since the ‘closers’ have been unable to win and they have only won once in their last 36 commitments in this CONMEBOL tournament, according to the stats page they are data, not opinions. In addition, he also has the worst goal difference to date with -140, a fact that is difficult to reverse and will take a few years.

Let us remember that the last time La Victoria won was in 2012 against Nacional de Uruguay, in the framework of the third appointment of Group E played at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. There, with one goal from Jose Carlos Fernandez, they managed to score three points.

In addition, Alianza Lima is part of the clubs that already They exceeded 100 defeats in the Copa Libertadores. However, those now led by Carlos Bustos add up to 104 in just 173 games. First in Peñarol from Uruguay with 129 in 374 matches. Sporting Crystal also appears in the teams, as it scored 107 falls in 234 matches.

In addition, with the recent defeat of ‘Blue and White’, the Peruvian teams have reached a number 16 duels without being able to win In the Copa Libertadores, he added 13 losses and three draws. Celestial, Athletic League and Cesar Vallejo University are the teams that share the losing streak.

Copa Libertadores position table after losing Alianza Lima to Fortaleza on 5 of Group F
Copa Libertadores position table after losing Alianza Lima to Fortaleza on 5 of Group F

Alianza Lima tried to snatch victory and went out to look for the match, but the goal 20 minutes before the first half surprised them and forced them to go all out. Yago Pikachu was the first to score after combined play. In the last minutes of the first half, “Blue and White” attacked to equalize, but they were not effective in front of goal.

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The clearest position of the match came in the second half after the ball well won by Jordi Velches on the right. The middle arrived in the area and Wilmer-Aguirre headed the ball to Hernan Barcos, who hit hard with his shot that went wide. This was the clearest measure before the final came 2-0 from Moisés in 16 of the commitment. The ‘closers’ ended up playing a streak of three, but nothing worked to reverse the situation.

Alianza Lima faced Fortaleza in the fifth date of Group F of the Copa Libertadores

Alianza Lima concludes his 2022 international appearance against River Plate in Argentina. Those led by Carlos Bustos will seek to deliver a surprise on the final day of Group F on their visit to the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires. The match will take place on Wednesday 25 May and will start at 5 pm (Peruvian time). They have no chance of reaching the Copa Sudamericana after losing just one point before the deadline, but they will fight to end their 28-game losing streak without winning the Copa Libertadores.

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