United States, 5.1-magnitude earthquake in Southern California – Corriere.it

a Earthquake to Volume 5.1 to hit Southern Californiawhere it passes Storm Hillary. The epicenter was recorded in Ojai, between Santa Barbara and Ventura. I was shocked the whole time Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and the first amendment was followed by two amendments, respectively of size 3.1 and 3.6. They are not recorded, at least for the time being, damages or injuries And the local authorities were excluded Tsunami risks.

Meanwhile, the high rain Keep hitting California , With the arrival of Tropical Storm Hillary Mexico It threatens to cause floods. from Sunday afternoon, Hillary’s heart It is located in California and has maximum wind speeds of 95 kilometers per hour. The National Hurricane Center warned of “potentially catastrophic and life-threatening flooding over Baja California and parts of the southwestern United States through Monday.” “This is the weather event Unprecedented,” warned the mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass.

beaches They were closed and people rushed to shops to stock up on water and other basic necessities. Alerts have been issued for some areas torrents So are hurricanes. the California GovernorGavin Newsom said so Emergency much of the southern region of the state. Authorities opened five storm shelters and deployed more than 7,500 people, including several hundred soldiers from National Guard And rapid rescue teamsNewsom’s office said.

in San DiegoPeople filled sandbags in preparation for possible flooding, while lifeguards warned people to stay out of the sea. A person has died in Mexico after a swollen river swept away a vehicle, Mexico’s civil protection agency said, as it warned of landslides and road closures in Baja California. L’Mexican army opened 35 shelters Sheltering 1,725 ​​people affected by the storm. Nancy Ward, director of the California Office of Emergency Services, said Hillary could be one of the worst storms to hit the state in more than a decade.

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