Cyber security experts know that freedom and ease of access always come at the expense of security. For example, it is very easy to use WhatsApp or Messenger to get in touch with friends and acquaintances. However, it is very easy to spy on these messages or hack them by an infinite number of third parties!

Similarly, online casinos and sports betting sites outside GamStop can now be accessed from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection making it easy to play anytime and anywhere in the world.

Although convenience and opportunities to get generous bonuses make gambling sites more popular and attractive, there is an unfortunate flaw in the industry that worries both players and gambling sites alike: scams of all kinds. Here are some tips that you can apply to avoid these mishaps and enjoy a completely safe gaming experience.

At the outset we have to point out that not everything published on the Internet or printed on paper is necessarily true, quite the contrary, there are a lot of false things on the web! “How to get 1,000 euros a day without moving from home” or “How to lose 20 kg in two days” … You may have already read this type of article or maybe you have succumbed to the promises made to you by the writers of these articles (you cannot deny This has happened to all of us at least once!).

Currently, such content is a common practice of attracting gullible or risky customers to online casinos, sports betting sites, or even high-end stock markets. As far as online gambling sites are concerned, scams go both ways – fraud by the casino on the player, and by the player on the casino. Trusted non GamStop casinos have already escaped the major risks that virtual gamblers might face.

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What Are the Most Common Gambling Site Scams?

To avoid scams on gambling sites, it is important that you choose a reliable non GamStop casino. In fact, the problem with gambling fraud is that cybercriminals and unscrupulous operators are so prevalent that the definition of these scams is particularly broad. For example, there are a lot of fraudulent casinos that claim to be genuine casinos and have fake certificates and licenses issued by trusted authorities. For new and inexperienced gamblers, the images of these certificates may look authentic, but professional players can immediately spot these fake certificates.

How to Identify & Thwart Dishonest Practices?

Let’s go back to the early 2000s and more precisely around 2005, when non GamStop betting or online casino or online poker sites were just born and with them, the enthusiasm of players. But the problem at that time is that there were no restrictions, prohibitions or simply no regulations for these sites.

Non GamStop poker sites pushed players to click on promotional levers through their sites to redirect you to their online casino sites. And that’s when it all happened, clever little guys advised you (the players) strategies, tips, simple and effective to make you win millions, such as the martingale system!

The scheme was well established, for that it was necessary to find an online casino which offered a player account with a lot of money on its balance. Thanks to this we showed you how to bet on simple odds of casino roulette and to double your bet in the event of a loss. Your bets worked in doubles, for example: if you bet one euro and you lose, you bet 2 then 4 and so on, doubling until you win. This technique made it possible to recover your losses and benefit from a gain of one euro each time. When you were presented with this method of play, it seemed to you really unstoppable, but the reality is much uglier since the casinos put ceilings for the maximum bets on the simple chances at fifty euros. In other words, if the color black, which is a simple chance, came out 6 or even 7 times in a row, this gaming method no longer applies since you have doubled 7 times. So, your bet was at the maximum of the betting capacity announced by the casino. Then, all you have to do is start over knowing that you have a loss of fifty euros and a gain of one euro.

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To understand this scam even more, to want to play with the martingale method you had to deposit at least 50 euros. This era was for those concerned – casino operators and affiliates, the golden age of the online casino with profits that exceeded 200,000 euros per month with CPAs of 200 euros per player depositing in a casino.

You just have to start over knowing that you have a loss of fifty euros and a gain of one euro.

Finally, with the arrival of the Regulatory Authority for Online Games: UKGC, prohibitions and regulations also with financial penalties that could be paid directly at the source of online casinos via software distributors. The phenomenon has calmed down, even if it still persists a little bit. The European authorities are doing a gigantic job to ensure that online casino players can play safely.


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