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Anomalous anticyclone over half of Europe
Anomalous anticyclone over half of Europe

Autumn will still arrive late for this reason. Another impressive comeback for Anticyclone Been waiting since the weekend. Current weakness of high pressure The resulting modest drop in temperatures will be temporary as the anomalous subtropical promontory will return in force to affect half of Europe, including Italy.

Many European countries, especially midwestern countries, still have to deal with this anomaly. It has record highs and also temperatures more suitable for summer than late fall. In addition to France and Spain, the record heat will move northward, to the point of involving Great Britain in an air mass that was unimaginable in the last century. Temperatures in northern France can reach 26-27°C, and up to 25°C in England; These are values ​​rarely observed in this region and at this time of year. Central and northern Italy will not be overtaken, while from mid-week the anomalous warm flow will move towards the central states, until it reaches the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

The frequency and strength of these warm air masses is exacerbated by climate change So much so that there is no compensation for those cold anomalies that include other parts of Europe. This is consistent with the long-term trend where temperatures are much higher than cold temperatures.

Until at least the middle of the month, no major changes can be seen In Italy. The first part of October is expected to be not only hot but also dry, except for some light transient disturbances with marginal impacts.

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