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Yesterday’s review of “Polizeiruf 110” was full of praise for the new duo Raczek and Ross – despite the initial weakness. Press reviews of “Hilden’s Legacy”.

“Ten years later, there was a lot of speculation about who would succeed Olga Lensky as Maria Simon.Call the police 110“In Brandenburg. Vincent Rose (Andrei Kozmarsic) celebrated his debut with the” Hilden Legacy “: with eyes, rock, sensitivity and deep balance, the bizarre detective inspector candidate differs from his colleague Adam Rusek (Lucas Grigorovich) in getting the new couple’s case first. Despite being a weak thriller.

Review of “Police Call 110” from Brandenburg yesterday: “Hopeful start”

When jokes about gender cause the greatest excitement RBB– “Polizeiruf 110” should be stable, then you can save the tear in the future. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The newly formed team is a big step towards the German-Polish police call. Glass

The German-Polish police call 110 was restructured today (…) and is off to a promising start. Frankfurtter Rundchow

The new “Police Call 110” from the German-Polish border tells a complicated story: a dead student, a hard-hearted grandmother and a curious nurse.

Photo: Rudolf Wernicke, rbb

Police call criticism of “Hilden legacy”: Andre Cosmarcic brings new energy

André Kaczmarczyk (…) brings new energy to the police call, and the introduction of the new couple elevates Frankfurt / Oder to some places on the list of sensational investigative teams. RP Online

“Hilde’s legacy” is an almost perfect resume of the Brandenburg police call. Aside from brilliant actors and brilliantly told storylines, screenwriter Anika Vanguard and director Eoin Moore were able to bring the gender debate straight into life from the ivory tower of feature pages – without the stubbornness that many other forms currently hold. Subject. NTV

The RBB-Polizeiruf will be working on the topic of masculinity in the new cast, so much is predicted. There are reasons not to fill a vacant detective post with a woman in Sunday Crime novels, but not many. A confident man in a skirt is probably one. South German newspaper

The "Call the police 110" TV constantly attracts millions of viewers.  But who is really investigating where?  These five groups or investigators are currently on TV.

“Police Call 110”: Who is investigating where?

Photo: Thomas Ernst, RPP

“Polizeiruf 110” in rating: Awesome introduction by Vincent Rose

Andre Cosmarsic, introduced as Commissioner Vincent Ross, may seem to have been planned in conjunction with the rather luxurious investigator Rox, but it immediately turns the two into a case. The New Zurich Times

Although the case is completely unreliable: an amazing investigator celebrates his introduction here. Severe

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