Scandal in the EU Parliament:

Bribes and gifts from Qatar to influence decisions European Parliament. In particular to defend reputation world championships From football. It is the center of the investigation Federal Police affiliate Belgium Which led to raids 16 searches in the various municipalities of the region Brussels. On International Anti-Corruption Day, a Mexi investigation into bribery shook the heart of European institutions, especially the Socialist Party. four people They are arrested and are being interrogated: among them is a former MEP for the Democratic Party and Article 1 Antonio Panziri – Former Secretary of the Chamber of Labor in Milan 1995-2003 and then the Parliamentarians of the European Union until 2019 – and trade unionist Luca Vicentineformer director of the company Oil in Friuli Venezia Giulia who was on top for a few weeks itoc, the global trade union federation (representing more than 200 million workers). The other two stopped Francis Georgeformer parliamentary aide to Panziri, H Nicolo Vega TalamancaSecretary General of the NGO There is no peace without justice. Among the disputed charges are “criminal organization”, corruption And the Money laundering.

EU Parliament Vice-President Engages: Suspended by S&D – Among the persons involved is also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Kylieshe also social democratThe newspaper, which the investigators listened to on Friday afternoon, said: His home le braceletwas searched. Kylie wasStop to be questionedBy the police, he saidafp A source close to the investigation. to share Kaylee It is a critical step in the investigation. Greek politics is indeed a comrade Francis George. Since Kylie is an incumbent MEP, she has immunity: in fact, the only way to arrest anyone elected is to have them arrested. blatant. Kylie was suspended “immediately” by the group for the evening Socialists and Democrats to the European Parliament. A few hours ago, indeed PASOKHowever, his party in Greece had already decided instead eviction.

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At Panziri’s house 500,000 euros in cash – Newspapers predicted news of the investigation BelgiumEspecially the newspaper le bracelet It is weekly Stabilizes. leaders Socialists and Democrats, of which Panziri was a member until a few years ago, urgently met in the afternoon. The investigations enabled the investigators to obtain 600,000 euros in cash. Computers and mobile phones have been seized and will be analyzed as part of the investigation. This process relates specifically to Parliamentary assistants who work in the European Parliament.” Five hundred thousand euros Cash kidnapped Found in Panziri’s house.

Banzi’s wife and daughter are in jail But Banzi’s wife and daughter also took part in the investigation: Maria Collioniaged 67 years, h Silvia Panziriof 38. The two women being identified in Calusco dadain the province of Bergamo, affected by a European arrest warrant ordering imprisonment: they will be charged Aiding and abetting. The women are now in prison in Bergamo. I also searched headquarters Fight impunity, an NGO founded in September 2019 by Panziri, which in the same year relinquished the role of MEP. The NGO is active in the field of respect for human rights. After all, Panziri himself was the head of the Human Rights Subcommittee European Parliament.

Prosecution claims The investigation initiated in July 2022 by the Belgian authorities and coordinated by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is an investigation that has caused a file An unprecedented earthquake Inside the buildings of European institutions. condition corruption And the Money laundering Which, if more manifold relationships are shown with other political advocates sitting between the Eurochamber’s benches, would risk undermining the credibility of the institutions themselves. Investigators suspect that A Gulf state It seeks to influence the economic and political decisions of the European Parliament by paying large amounts of money or making large gifts to third parties who occupy an important political and / or strategic position within the European Parliament. QatarHowever, many informed sources mentioned who exactly paid the bribes Doha. Their goal while matches world Cuphe could have specifically defended the legality of the competition from accusations Violation of human rights and gods labor rights, confirming the alleged progress of the Qatari monarchy. It can show more information about the structure of the organization from the analytics Computer equipment and gods phones Investigators caught them during raids involving parliamentary aides linked to the group Socialists and Democrats And, in one case, Al European People’s Party.

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human rights protection – One thing Panziri and Vicentini have in common, in addition to tireless presence with Eurochamber, is a commitment to rights Humans. Both are, in fact, affiliated with the NGO Fight impunitywhich was founded by the former Lombard member of the European Parliament himself in 2019. It is precisely on the path of protecting human rights, especially with the approaching World Cup, that Report with the Qatar. In Strasbourg, at last year’s plenary session NovemberA discussion took place about the human rights and labor conditions in the Gulf State, after the controversy over the treatment of foreign employees who contributed to the construction stadiums for the World Cup. And already in those days, many in Pe emphasized that final decision It would have been more severe. But on November 1, Vice President Cayley met with the country’s labor minister Ali bin Samih Al-MarriWelcoming the ‘Doha’ commitment for i rights Workers“.


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