Shock again to Natty Star.  Cher remains still after a duel.
Emil Kraft rushed to the aid of his teammate Fabian Scherr.


A shocking moment on Monday evening in the English Premier League match between Newcastle and Arsenal (2-0). After a vertical duel, Natty defender Fabian Scherr remained motionless for a few moments. Memories wake up.

It happens shortly after the start of the second half: Fabian Scheer and Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah fight for the ball in an air duel, and the Swiss player falls to the ground and does not move anymore. Teammate Emil Kraft immediately realizes the gravity of the situation and checks to see if Cher swallowed his tongue. The medical staff also reacts quickly and treats the defender on the spot.

It’s so calm in St. James’s Park that even after a few moments all clarity is heard: Cher moves, gets up and can leave the field on his feet. Still, continuing to play is out of the question, as the 30-year-old will be replaced by a suspected case of concussion.

Was there nothing before? right. In March 2019, Scheer also fell to the ground after a vertical duel in the European Championship qualifier against Georgia and remained motionless. Minutes after the treatment, Natti’s defender continued to play. After the match, he said he couldn’t remember anything and lost for a few seconds.

The incident had consequences for Natty’s then-team doctor Damien Meili, and a few months later he made his position available and revealed that the resignation also had something to do with Cher’s case. Allowing the affected defender to continue playing was a mistake at the time.

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Ryan Mason’s example shows how tragic head injuries can be. The Englishman fractured his skull after his collision in January 2017 and had to retire at the age of 25. When in doubt, the player should always be replaced.

The Newcastle doctors have no blame on Monday night, they are doing the right thing. If a concussion is suspected, FIFA will prescribe a standard procedure to obtain a reliable diagnosis before allowing a player to continue playing. The process takes at least ten minutes.

Time you rarely get in football. So Scher leaves the field in the 49th minute with a 0:0 score with a headache – then sees how his Arsenal teammates fall 2:0. After Ben White’s own goal, Bruno Guimarães put the cap on him shortly before the end. Bitter defeat for Arsenal. Arsenal are dropping to fifth and are in danger of missing out on their first Champions League appearance since 2016.

and shar? There is currently no update on his health. We hope that the incident will not have any serious consequences for the national defender.


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