FIFA 22 : Une nouvelle enveloppe gratuite apparaît et expire très bientôt

Fantasy FUT sees the arrival of new special editions of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Today Three more were releasedBut another new thing these days is the “Classic Cup” online tournament. Allows you to get number of envelopes The duration of matches varies. Currently I added a daily goal with the free play pack again.So we are publishing this post to let you know.

Challenge ends tomorrow, March 21st, at 7pm CST. againstYou get 500 experience points and a unique, non-transferable Gold Player Envelope. This is the player with twelve players, at least ten of them are gold and three are unique. To get it, it is enough to win two friendlies and remember that we can play a maximum of three matches today. So we can only afford one loss.

FIFA 22 – Classic Cup PLUS

  • Expiration date : March 21, 7 p.m. Spanish time.
  • Award : Non-transferable Premium Gold Player Envelope + 500 EXP.
  • win 2: Win 2 matches in FUT Live Friendly: Classic Cup.

In this tournament, we can only play three matches a day. So to get today’s prize, we have to win two of those matches.

We leave you here Caligiuri Fantasy FUT article. In addition to Our Telegram Broadcasting ChannelWe will keep you updated with all the news and articles about FIFA 22. Best regards!

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