A passenger tries to catch the ferry in flight, but is pushed into the water by the crew and dies

ATHENS, September 7, 2023 – He was trying Take the ferry from Athens to CreteBut the crew refused to let him on board Push him into the water. The man is 36 years old SinkingAfter being trapped in a propeller vortex. It happened last Tuesday in the port of Piraeus. The story really shook public opinion, because that was the whole scene Captured on video Which immediately began to spread on social media. In the footage, which was filmed around 21pm, the passenger appears by name first Anthony Kariotis Run to the still broken “Blue Horizon” ferry ramp. Then you see the crew stop it and one of them pushes it backwards three times, until it falls into the water, as the ferry moves away from the pier. Eventually the passenger’s body was recovered from the water and the ship was ordered to return to Piraeus after sailing.

for the loop Four people were arrested: who physically pushed the passenger with a charge Manslaughterand two other crew members for complicity and the ship’s captain for dangerous interference with maritime traffic. “A young man passed away and it affected us deeply,” she said. Shipping company Attica Group in a press release, adding that it will launch a “broad and thorough investigation” into the incident “to ensure that our group procedures and protocols are not breached by anyone again.” Meanwhile, CEO Spyros Pachalis submitted his resignation.

The victim’s relatives speak to the newspaper KathimeriniThey said so The man was suffering from mental retardation. the minister of the merchant marine, Miltiades VarvitsiotisHe explained that the passenger bought the ticket and got on at the right time, but got off for unspecified reasons. Varvitsiotis also said he had ordered an investigation into how the port police handled the incident. the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis He expressed anger and horror at what he called “a mixture of irresponsible behaviour, cynicism, contempt and indifference”. He added: “The shameful incident that occurred yesterday does not indicate the type of state we want.”

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