Dehiura was expelled from the show for cheating and

Bewilderment, bewilderment, bewilderment … No word is strong enough to describe what happened on Tuesday evening Co-Landa. This sequence lasts six minutes, not more than a second. Six minutes, ten years is the time it takes for Dehiura’s hero film to smoke.

In the eleventh chapter when Denise Progniard tramples the land of the expelled island, it is not to start a new experiment, but to ask Dehiura to step aside. “We have learned and confirmed what you have asked on many occasions for food from fishermen crossing the coast. Many times, we brought you food to the camp, ”explains the host.

“It will weigh me down for the rest of my life”

“I ate twice,” the Polynesian confirms. He says he was physically more affected than his adventures. Who attended Co-Landa The fifth time was a moment of weakness: a fisherman waved and signed that Dehiura should not cross the border and sign at the end of his course.

With tears in his eyes, the candidate explains, “The test was very strong.” “He doesn’t even understand me when I do it,” he says, echoing his gesture of begging for food. I did not even look for excuses ”

Dehiura was further acquitted without legal action

“I broke a rule I accepted. That’s why it’s going to weigh me down for the rest of my life. Whatever happened, my irreversible gesture at that moment will be a lesson,” the adventurer, the finalist adds. Raja Ambat | In 2011.

Then came the time for unavoidable permission. In Denise Brockniard’s words, he was excluded from the game by the Dehiura product because he acknowledged that “unreasonable behavior is a violation of ethics.” The candidate was asked to leave Outcast Island and go directly to the final arbitrator’s home. Like his comrades who were expelled, he will take part in selecting the winner of the season. “I agree [la sanction] Because I admit to betraying the law Co-Landa », Teheiura concludes.

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Alexandra and Kristell’s astonishment

So Dehiura was expelled, and so was Akattum. But before he picks up his bag and finds those who have already been removed from the reunion, the candidate confronts Alexandra and Kristell, the two neglected ones he will face in the next few hours. When Denis Brogniart tells them the truth, both women take their heads in their hands as a sign of amazement. “I really fell from the clouds,” Alexandra explains 20 minutes.

According to the winner 4 lands, It was hard to control hunger throughout the season. “It was very difficult, but really,” she insists. “Except for a few fish and octopuses, the island doesn’t offer much to eat.” Games. We are responsible and should not violate them. “

A talk on Instagram

On His Instagram account, Teheiura wanted to explain. The Polynesian, in his written speech, reiterates that food was given twice “in the same day,” for the second time, [il n’a] Nothing was asked. Gift that the candidate shared with other adventurers. He adds that nothing was planned in advance and that no one from his family helped him.

“In life, we all make mistakes. I created one. I immediately recognized and wanted to get out of the game. Because yes, Co-Landa A game, reminiscent of Dehiura. I always apologize to the people who support me. Hope this does not ruin the good time being together. “

In social networks, actors Genius He promised to support Dehiura in facing the storm that awaited him. Their purpose: to remind the person who has put an end to ten years of his life how generous and adventurous he is.

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