Best Chef 2022: Glenn Vial refuses to attend this legendary event

The audience notices it program-wise: Glenn Vial is more and more easily within the best chef jury. The 42-year-old chef refuses to take part in the popular test of M6’s cooking show. Philip Etsebest explained his choice.

Baptism Excellent cook Not always easy. When he integrated Referee for Season 13 of the M6 ​​Cooking Show, Glenn Viel, replacing Michael Saran, took some time to find his bearings. The 42-year-old chef came up with a well-established program and joined jurors that were more united than ever. Helen Doros, Paul Pirate and Philip Etsebest Build a solid team now To evaluate competitive candidates. The latter are also happy to cover their new sidekick. “This is a fair game, it’s part of a good reception, He expressed confidence in the columns ParisianLast February. They tried to get me twice, They got me once. I quickly balanced the score, don’t worry! “

Glenn Vieill in the footsteps of Philip Etsebest?

Glenn Vial may be the new baby, It does not meet all requirements Of his comrades. Not even productive! This Wednesday, March 23, the competition continues Excellent cookVisitors will happily find out Popular testWho can win?. For this challenge, the participants of this 13th season will have to face Philip Etsebest and Paul Pirate. For the sake of justice, Both will leave with disability. The detail that the controller does not care about The dream of the kitchen On the M6. “CIn his year, we have to prepare two dishes. If our two plates were first, no candidate would qualify. On the other hand, they can get two points if they beat one of our foods or get four points if they rank above our two foods.“, Explained TV star The chef accepted this challenge with Paul Pirate from the last edition.

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Glenn Vial is the best chef ready for anything

We pushed him to do that, He promised. He accepted because he was with me. We’re having fun and it breaks me. With Paul, the unexpected is out of this world (laughs). It does not work like that. Everything is calculated, thought out, reflected. He really gets out of his comfort zone.. He is not used to it. He’s playing awesome!“One day it remains to be seen whether Hélène Darroze and Glenn Viel will try to face the candidates.Sounds like Glenn said no, He revealed. We talked to him about it, but it’s not his thing. It is true that this is an exercise. Not everyone is comfortable with this kind of testing.. I’ll go even if the pipe breaks! This is entertainment“. That’s what’s important!


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