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ADELHEIDSDORF. The power supply and telecom service provider SVO connects the industrial district in Adelaideorf with its fiber optic network. Excavators are operational and necessary civil engineering works commenced. Interested entrepreneurs can continue to sign contracts for optical fiber products.

High-speed internet will soon become a reality in Adelheidsdorf: The first companies in the industrial area are now getting optical fiber home connectivity from the SVO Group. Related civil engineering work commenced last week. The industrial zone is being expanded. First, SVO puts the feeder optical fiber cables, then follows the distribution technology. In another step, individual household connections are installed in the company. SVO’s Fiber Optic Internet is fast, reliable and able to face the future. Businesses benefit in a number of ways – regardless of whether it’s running a web store or connecting employees to the home office. Maintaining a backup of large amounts of data in the cloud or on another company site is only really suitable for everyday use thanks to the modern fiber optic technology. Another advantage: unlike transmission over copper cable, each participant in the optical fiber network has its own line. Clients do not have to share bandwidth with other street residents.

The Special Vehicle Operations Division (SVO) continues to expand its fiber optic offer in many places

SVO is already actively expanding into optical fibers in many places in Celle County. In addition, the interest of the population in more optical fiber connections is being determined as part of what is called pre-marketing. Residents of communities who have not yet worked with SVO in the field of fiber optics can express their interest in calling on a special website. A template identical to this has been prepared at The reports received will be taken into consideration when selecting the next expansion sites.

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