Two Italian planes left Kabul with 200 other Afghanis

Defensive air bridge between Kabul and Rome. A new start in the afternoon and one in the evening: first 103, then 97 afghans. About 300 people will be transferred to safety in Kuwait tomorrow morning. Centralization of General Portolano. the details.

The plane took off from Kabul approximately in the same minutes as the other, which preceded it, landed in Fiumicino. Thus, while 86 Afghans were disembarking in Rome, 103 were leaving Kabul. And in this case also, all collaborators with our embassy and military unit, As well as officials in the service of the European Union. The C-130 that took off from the Kabul runway must now stop in Kuwait, at the Ali Al Salem base. There, they will wait for the arrival of another C-130, which has just left Kabul with 97 people on board. A third flight, again with about 100 passengers, will depart in the next few hours to complete the same route. At dawn tomorrow, unless complications occur, 300 passengers will be transferred to a Boeing KC 767, which will fly everyone to Rome on the same day.

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