With some standalone presentations and extensive video about new Pokémon games, it hasn’t been quiet around Nintendo lately, but the last Nintendo Direct was a long time ago. It was held on June 15, as part of this year’s E3. Fans are hungry and now rumors are growing that the next live stream will be coming soon.

What are the upcoming Nintendo Direct benefits?

Zippo, a leaker who has hit the mark several times in the past with his predictions, Predictions on his blogNintendo Direct is waiting for us in September. It doesn’t give an exact date, but according to Zippo, this week may already be: “I heard again that this Direct is coming out very soon. It looks like this week, Wednesday or Thursday. If for some reason it’s not this week, then the next.” It is clear that something that did not come today and tomorrow can be narrow. So maybe really next week?

Of course, the leaker doesn’t reveal where Zippo got this information from. It is also possible that his prophecy is against the background of the immediate dates so far. as VGC Writes correctly, there was a past five years Nintendo Direct every September. Even if it happened last year with the memory of Mario and Monster Hunter that everything went backwards.

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That can wait for us in Nintendo Direct possible

Of course, there is also speculation about direct commons content. Zippo writes that Nintendo is “According to reports, it’s focused on the rest of the year’s lineup and has initial glimpses of games ahead of us in early 2022. I don’t know about Direct content, but it makes sense to be with a reliable finale about Metroid Dread, Mario Party Superstars, the ultimate Smash character, and Advance.” Wars 1 and 2″.

WarioWare: Get It Together is about to release and will have its final performance. Plus, if you believe the rumor mill that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is nearing completion and could be announced soon, then JRPG would be another exciting candidate for a potential Direct.

However, the information is only a rumor and official confirmation from Nintendo is still pending. As Zippo aptly writes in his blog: “Attack yourself at your own risk.” So keep your expectations under control, disappointment is not great either.

The same also applies to rumors that the Nintendo Switch Online will soon offer Game Boy (color) games. Zippo wants you to know that there must really be something to her: “The rumors of an NSO announcement are accurate.”

Resources: VGC / Zippospeaks Blog

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