'Legend of Zelda': A 1987 video game that auctioned for $870,000 - News international

“The Legend of Zelda” from 1986 only has 2D graphics, it can’t even be played on PC or Playstation and Virtual Reality is not thought of in this game…

However, a stranger paid $870,000 to buy an unopened tape of the 1987 game. With a bid equivalent to €732,000, “The Legend of Zelda” is the most expensive video game in the world.

The cassette is part of a limited edition of “The Legend of Zelda,” which was produced in late 1987. Dallas, Texas-based Heritage Auctions spokesman Eric Bradley said Friday that the video game was the “heart” of an auction for a total of 443 items. He did not provide any information about the buyer of the video game cassette.

Valarie McLeckie, Heritage video game expert, explains the standard view as follows: “‘The Legend of Zelda’ marks the beginning of one of the most important legends in game history. It’s a true collector’s item.”

However, offers for vintage video games have skyrocketed in the past 12 months: Just in April, Heritage sold an unopened Nintendo “Super Mario Bros.” from 1986 for $660,000. For comparison: in November 2020, the record (also for “Super Mario Bros.”) was $156,000 and in July it was $114,000.

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