Dominicano Juan Soto da triunfo a Nationales sobre Braves en debut de Washington

Juan Soto woke up with the bat just in time to lead the lead with a single at nine that sent Washington citizens, still doomed by the coronavirus infection, to beat the Atlanta Braves 6-5.

After waiting an additional five days for the start of their regular season, the citizens won back.

Will Smith left-handed took the mound at nine and promptly conceded the song to Victor Robles, who is now working as a main racket. Smith then hit Tria Turner and Soto, the 2020 National League champion, hit the board after hitting blank on his previous four bats.

On the 3-0 count, Soto hit a line into the center of the field. He threw off his helmet before receiving congratulations from colleagues who fled the cave and found him near the middle to hug him and throw water on him.

The 4,801 fans also celebrated in the national park, which has welcomed people into its stands for the first time since the fifth game of the 2019 World Championships.

For the brave ones, there was no Dominican.

For the citizens, Robles was 3-1 with two rounds and Hernan Perez scored 3-1 one half.

Detroit 4, Minnesota 3

DETROIT – Aqeel Badou had another major success in the dream start of his major league career helping the Detroit Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 4-3 in additional innings.

Baddoo, who made his debut last Sunday and attended the first pitch he had seen in the major leagues, hit an RBI song at the bottom of the 10th inning.

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On Monday, Baddoo hit the Grand Slam in Detroit’s 15-6 loss to Minnesota. The rookie player entered Tuesday’s match as a disc runner, stayed in the match to play as an outside player and ended up hitting the right field from Hansel Robles (0-1).

Last year, the secondary league season was canceled due to the pandemic.

Nelson Cruz and Byron Paxton played the twins.

The victory went to Dominican Gregory Soto (1-0), who worked in two rounds without goals.

For the twins, Nelson Cruz 5-3 with a run and an RBI record.

For tigers, Jeimer Candelario was 4-2 with a run and an RBI record.

Houston 4, Angelino 2

ANAHIM, CA – Carlos Correa broke a tie with Homer from two rounds in the ninth game as the Houston Astros split the honor in a short series by beating Los Angeles Angels 4-2.

Kyle Tucker and Cuban Aldemis Diaz hit back-to-back reptiles in the second half for the Astros, who kicked off the regular season 5–1 on their six-game road trip and received constant booing from rival fans blaming the stealing of the signal. A scandal in the 2017 and 18 seasons.

After Zach Greenk and Dylan Bundy got strong jobs in their early days, Jordan Alvarez finished ninth over compatriot Rachel Iglesias (1-1), as the new Angels team approached.

Correa then hit the line that hit the ball at the bottom of the stadium screen, above the right court wall at Angel Stadium. It was the first tour of Puerto Rico this season.

Ryan Presley (1-0) scored a 2-0 win.

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For Astros, Alvarez was 4-2 and Diaz was 4-1 with a run and an RBI scored, while Correa was 3-1 with a run and two RBIs.


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