In recent days, a snapshot taken on the moon has raised many questions. And for good reason, the lunar spacecraft Yutu-2, sent by China, captured a cubic shape on the surface of this craft.

“I asked the moon.. what was resting on you?” Adjusting the words of the Indochina cluster, this is the question we would have liked to ask our natural satellite, after the Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) revealed the image on December 3.

If the photo was taken last November, it’s still too early to tell what the thing is, given the distance between it and the device. “This thing is interesting! Let’s go see it!” Then the scientists thought, as the Chinese website reported “our space».

But Chinese scientists, nicknamed the “mysterious hut,” seem to agree that it’s a simple big boulder. An assumption was made because the area is located in the Vau Karman crater which is the point of the meteorites.

Regardless, China has indicated that Yutu-2 is currently heading toward the “Cube Moon” in an effort to identify it. However, it will still be necessary to wait “two or three months” before learning more about him, she reminds him ScienceAlertThe Chinese device runs on solar energy.

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Therefore, you should know that the cubic shape is located on the far side of the moon, and that the latter only benefits from 15 days of exposure to the sun. In addition, the Yutu-2 must travel slowly 80 meters from the “object”, since the terrain strewn with crater debris makes it dangerous.

As a reminder, China’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft and its Yutu-2 rover have been on a mission since January 2019 and are on their 37th lunar day.


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