'We have caused our pain to France'

“There was nothing personal” – “We attacked France and targeted the population and civilians, but there was nothing personal,” the main accused continued. “I know that my phrases can shock particularly sensitive souls. But my goal is not to turn a knife into a wound, but to be honest with those in excruciating pain.”

Words against former President Hollande – Salah said that when “French President Francois Hollande made the decision to attack the Islamic State, he knew that his decision would entail risks. He knew that by making this decision some French would die.” He stressed that “our Islam is true Islam. We fought France because of its values, but it is a lie,” Hollande said.

“Historical process” – Salah Abdel Salam spoke for the first time since his arrest in March 2016, Only on September 8th Marking the opening of what experts have defined as a historic process. “There is no god but God”: These were his first words before the Special Criminal Court.

“No God except Allah” The defendant was asked to deny his identity, his parents’ identity and his profession. He said before answering: My name is Abd al-Salam Salah, my name is my father and my mother has nothing to do with them. ..what do I see here. I gave up all professions to become a fighter in the Islamic State.”

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