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(ANSA) – BERLIN, July 26 – Controversy escalated on social media and the German media regarding the choice of local authorities to close the foreign concert of German singer Nina in advance, yesterday evening, in compliance with the provisions of violating the law. The rules of social distancing, and above all for the artist’s reaction.

The party organizers near Berlin Bear Airport had introduced a system to keep people at a distance during the concert, a system that Nina called upon during the show to break. “Everyone has the responsibility to choose, everyone should be free to choose whether or not to be vaccinated,” Nina said at the end of the ceremony, protesting the early closure imposed, linking distancing rules and pushing for vaccination.

“It is not a question of what we are allowed to do, but the question is what we allow ourselves to do.” Nina had already expressed her support for the demonstrations against the measures taken by the government during the pandemic, for example by supporting the Querdenker (Cross-Think) movement.

The singer’s appeal last night drew a lot of criticism today on Twitter, including the left-wing newspaper Taz, but it also finds support from many, especially from the far right. (handle).

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