Quarterback Matthew Stafford is back to his 'old ways' and drives the Rams down with a loss to the Titans

The Rams were shattered, out of rhythm and compass on Sunday when they fell 28-16 to the Tennessee Titans at SoFi Stadium in a game that included 115 penalty yards, as well as two interceptions by quarterback Matthew Stafford. Stafford completed 31 of 48 passes for 294 yards.

Jeffrey Simmons was a nightmare for Stafford as he intercepted the ball three times (out of five).

The Rams (7-2) seemed to have woken up from their slumber at the end of the last period, but their efforts were quickly interrupted by the visit.

The visit kept the Rams going with a field goal and then complicated Stafford, who allowed an interception early in the second quarter when he fell inside his own end zone, throwing the ball aimless. Instead of allowing two points against, the Titans (7-2) took advantage of the error and advanced 10-0 in the next play.

“Tonight is not a reflection of who we are,” coach Sean McVeigh said after the match. “We’ll see that, we’ll correct it and we’ll move forward.”

Stafford has been part of the MVP conversation, especially regarding changing and giving fresh air to the Angelenos’ attack, however, he has gone back to his old ways by forcing plays that caused problems for his team, something similar to what he did when he was quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for 143 yards, plus a touchdown. The Titans managed to control just 194 yards from the attack, swayed somewhat by the absence of their injured star running back Derek Henry.

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The Rams will visit the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, November 15 (5:15 p.m.).


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