Ukraine, Zelensky: “It’s a tough winter, but we got through it”

“It was a tough winter, but we got through it.” This was stated by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky In his usual evening address, on the day when spring begins in the country. After meeting with major local energy companies, Zelensky said, “This winter is over. It was very difficult and every Ukrainian felt that hard. But we are still able to supply Ukraine with energy and heat.” The president admitted that “the danger to the energy system still exists, but work continues and we have already started preparing for the next season.”

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In Ukrainian tradition, the first of March marks the arrival of spring And many posted photos of buds on trees on social media, congratulating them on surviving Putin’s “winter horror”. “On March 1, 2023, Putin suffered another major defeat. Despite the cold, darkness and missile attacks, Ukraine held out and defeated the horror of winter. Europe did not freeze either, despite Russian expectations and paradoxes. I thank our partners for standing by the Ukrainian side,” he tweeted. Minister of Foreign Affairs today Dmytro Kuleba.

The defense minister commented on Twitter, “They wanted to freeze us and capture us in the dark. We survived.” Oleksey Reznikov. “Happy first day of spring,” he wrote on the Border Police’s Twitter account, along with a photo of an officer displaying a bouquet of white flowers in the snow.

Many Ukrainian municipalities have joined in celebrating spring on social media, even though the weather is still cold and snow is falling in some areas. “We survived the winter,” Politico-Ukraine reporter Nina Melkozerova wrote on Twitter. Welcome to the “victorious, unstoppable and inevitable Ukrainian Spring,” soldier Yury Sirotok wrote on Instagram, sharing photos of a tree full of buds. At the onset of winter, after repeated Russian missile attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure, many international experts feared the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe as Ukrainian civilians were left in the dark and cold without light and heat.

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