France won and was convinced to enter the competition in European Championship Women’s soccer, this Sunday in Rotherham5-1 victory over Italy.

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Players trained by Corinne Deacon They scored their five goals in the first half. Especially highlighted Grace Jiro Triple (9′, 40′, 45′), while the other two goals were achieved Marie Antoinette Catoto (12 ′) y Cascarino’s dolphin (38′).

Martina Piemonti cut the difference in the 77th minute with a header, but for National I could hardly make up for the defeat.

France starts as the sole leader of Group D, because in the other match of the first day of this key, also on Sunday, Iceland y Belgium Draw 1-1 in Manchester.

After Belgian goalkeeper Niki Everr missed a penalty kick in the 30th minute, Bergelind Thorvaldsdottir And headed to Iceland in the 50th minute. Belgium equalized in the 67th minute when Justin Vanhevermaet converted a penalty kick.

Germany overwhelmingly defeated Denmark in their 500th official match for this team. The ones he drives Martina Voss They have no problem defeating the Danes. Now, with the leadership of Group B, they will strive for their ninth title in this edition and expand the hierarchy in Europe.

Portugal y Swiss They finished their match 2-2, although the Portuguese provided more scoring opportunities. In the other Group C match, Holland and Sweden could not get past 1-1. At the moment, Portugal leads this group with two points.

There was a big surprise in Manchester, as Iceland managed to get a point against Belgium, who were the favorites to win this match.

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Euro rating
Group A
team points
Norway 3
England 3
Austria 0
Northern Ireland 0

group b
Germany 3
Spain 3
Finland 0
Denmark 0

group C
Portugal 1
Switzerland 1
Netherlands 1
Sweden 1

Group D
France 3
Iceland 1



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