According to publisher Jim Lee, he could not be “more proud”. He noted that Superman was in the process of redefining his sexual identity in the comics, while at the same time revealing “family secrets” in the TV series. In addition, Jon Kent has been dealing for several weeks with all kinds of social problems that were previously not part of Superman’s area of ​​responsibility: he campaigned for refugees, prevented a school massacre and put out fires caused by climate change.

Batuman gave up being a soldier

Homosexuality has recently become popular in many print comics: Marvel announced in August that Batman’s young companion, Tim “Robin” Drake In the episode “Urban Legends” He meets a man on a date – the outcome is uncertain. 15 years after Batman, he became the first non-heterosexual character in the “Batman” family. Batwoman left the military on the 2006 sitcom because she didn’t want to hide her lesbian behavior. Meanwhile, in the movie Aquaman, a gay black man proves himself a brave hero, and Captain America is also supposed to deliver his work clothes to a gay successor. In the cinema, of course, great comic marketers appear According to the British newspaper The Guardian, More conservative when it comes to homosexual personalities.

In the 1950s, psychiatrists warned of Batman

In any case, there is no reason to fear the intervention of psychiatrists this time, as happened in 1954, when German-born clinic director Friedrich Wertham of New York warned in his famous book “Seducing the Innocent” according to the “New York Times”. Against Batman and Robin being ‘a gay dream come true living together.’ This led to a hearing in the US Congress two years later. Lawmakers then decided to create a ‘Comic Code Authority’ that should set and monitor the standards for comics. This restraint did not end Except in 2011 when all the major publishers left.

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The first gay comic hero, Northstar, debuted in 1992, and the New York Times commented at the time as a “welcome sign of social change.”


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