TPMP: A brawl broke out between two columnists in the corridors of the show, Cyril Hanouna replies

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– Posted on April 10, 2022 at 13:30

This Friday, April 8, at TPMP, Cyril Hanoun spoke about a backstage fight between two columnists. Behavior the presenter deplores and seems no longer willing to tolerate. We tell you more.

Every weekday evening at C8, Cyril Hanouneh is in charge of Touche not in my position. This program is highly appreciated by viewers, famous for its dynamism and spontaneity. And if humor is dominant most of the time on set, Cyril Hanoun and his band are also sometimes Flood prone…even clashes. Among the historians regularly present on the show, Benjamin Castaldi and Guillaume Genton for some time used to tickle each other in front of the camera. But lately, the little game seems to have deteriorated behind the scenes…

During the April 8 broadcast, Cyril Hanoun publicly wanted to return to these floods. He released a video where we see Benjamin Castaldi and Guillaume Genton Come to blows In lanes TPMP. These bickering seems rather bad at first sight. The two men ended up violently grabbed and throwing themselves against the walls. With humor as we know it, Cyril Hanouna first began to mock the tattered clothes of Benjamin Castaldi: “Look, he fought with Guillaume Genton. And he got scratched.” But behind this apparent lightness, the host took the opportunity to send a clear message to his columnists.

Cyril Hanouna is angry at the bickering between his books

to Cyril HanounaLooks like this battle in the corridors of TPMP was so a little too far. Wanted to restore the system: “I say it again: hand games, naughty games. So I don’t want that in the arcade anymore. […] I didn’t like it. Because even when you’re enjoying it this way, there’s always a little bit of stress.” Concluding on a more optimistic note, Cyril Hanouneh then asked Benjamin Castaldi and Guillaume Genton to kiss each other. The two men got up and hugged under the amused look of the spectators. It remains to be seen if this episode catches up to them or if another flood is expected…

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