Anna Gabriel revealed her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, fulfilling a promise she made to her parents years ago.

The Mexican singer-songwriter, who spoke in both English and Spanish, said she and her parents walked in amazement at the names walking around when she felt an ominous omen.

“I told them one day, I don’t know when, but one day my name and my star will be here,” he recalls Wednesday during his acceptance speech for the 2,707 star of the trip. “Today this promise I made to my parents is fulfilled.”

Anna Gabriel thanked her family who personally accompanied her and also dedicated her appreciation to family and friends who were unable to attend the ceremony.

“And of course I can’t stop naming them because without their love and without their support they didn’t leave me alone and for many years my fans from here and abroad from Mexico were by my side,” he said. “Thank you to those who made this dream possible,” and “Here I am,” my song says, “Thank you all, thank God.”

The event was attended by former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarrigosa, Henry Cardenas of Cardenas Marketing Network, journalist Jessica Maldonado, as well as representatives of the star-awarding Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Anna Gabriel has 47 years of experience with popular songs she composed such as “Who Loves You”, “Simply Friends” and “I’ve Decided It”. The artist, whose real name is Maria Guadalupe Araujo Young, was born in Guamuchil, Sinaloa in 1955, the daughter of Ramón Araujo Valenzuela and Isabel Young, whose mother is of Chinese descent.

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