Sylvie Vartan explains why she didn't follow Ilona Smit in 'Tomorrow'!

For several years, Emma Smit has found her place in the cast Tomorrow is ours. Sylvie Vartan is a proud grandmother, but she admits not to follow her granddaughter’s adventures on screen.

Sylvie Vartan It is fulfilled! Her children are doing so well that it must have been hard for them all to find themselves, she trusts in the latest issue of We are both: “We have a great rock ‘n’ roll life, it’s so hard to get everyone togetherBut this does not prevent him from closely following the activities of his various relatives. Since 2018, Emma Smit Join the cast Tomorrow is ours. He was first invited into the TF1 series, where the translator Sofia got a major role since the third season. Sylvie Vartan cannot deny his admiration for Johnny Hallyday’s granddaughter.

Sylvie Vartan likes Ilona Smit

Emma Smit is on TF1 daily from 7:10 pm, but Sylvie Vartan admits that it is not always in front of her TV set to admire her acting talents: “I watched the Emma series before, but I don’t watch it every day, Because I’m never home on time“, she explains to our colleagues. But the fact remains that she is fan #1:”I’m so proud that she made it this way, declares before continuing:She is very young, and she has a life ahead of her, with so many possibilities.

She is a proud grandmother

She is very impressed with Emma Smit’s talent, and she also does not hide her admiration for her sister: “It is very moving to see children who want to become artists. Ilona named it’s real‘, she explains to Nous Deux. Model for several years, David Hallyday’s daughter has a passion for painting:It paints divinely. I’m pushing her in that direction because she has a truly extraordinary talent‘, she admits. A love of drawing has been in the family for generations, and she was touched to see her granddaughter keep the tradition alive:My father was a painter. It was very good, and so was my grandfather. She is the only one who inherited this feature, this gift that comes from afarA source of pride for Sylvie Vartan:It moves me a lot. She is really very talented, and she has to persevere. And when we receive this gift, we do not forget it.

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