This maestro never stops talking about it. For a few days now, Christopher has been making viewers laugh while appearing in it Don’t forget the wordsbroadcast on France 2. His candor, humor and little spades at Nagui’s direction make for more than one reaction. But behind this smile hides above all wonderful knowledge. Indeed, the young man presented Thursday, April 7, 2022, a stunning show and It even passed an important milestone in the show. Also led the title happy man By William Sheller, the young man managed to find all the lyrics of the songs. He had to complete these words: When they talk to you. Christopher states: “Them there is something that takes you a little further, these are human things.”

Christopher: “It’s really cool”

And so the singer again won 20,000 euros, increasing the size of his cat to 100,000 euros in eight posts! Triumph moved Christopher: “It’s really cool. I was just telling my mom, when I was 50,000, I was dreaming of getting to the 100,000 level and that’s really… it’s unbelievable”He said tears in his eyes. Nagoi always teased him a lot, and asked him a question with humor: Are you going to call my mom back and tell her ‘I want to get to 200,000 points?’ “Well, maybe.” The candidate replied, very happy because he already has €100,000 in his pocket. Once again, Christopher was talked about, but this time above all by His talent and feeling that his passing was remarkable. During his first participation, the young man also told a rather surprising anecdote about a famous French singer: “I was young. We support a bond with my father, Télévie, and arrived at Brussels Expo where the artists were performing. I wanted to pee and Patrick Bruel was peeing too. And my father took a picture in the toilet! So embarrassing in the photo!”, He had said. Christopher, who continues the adventure, surely has other surprises in store…

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