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In Marseille, garbage collectors went on strike demanding a reduction in working hours

In Marseille, garbage collectors went on strike demanding a reduction in working hours

Strike hard by focusing on public health. Since Thursday, September 23, garbage collectors in Marseille have been on strike at the call of the unions. This social movement already has clearly visible consequences. On Monday, September 27, trash cans overflowed in ten districts of the city. Tons of sewage piled up on the roadside and in the streets and circulating temperatures above 23 degrees would not help.

The unions believe this is the only way to overcome the conflict that began with the metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence in about 35 hours. This working hours are applicable to all civil servants till January 1, 2022, subject to Section 47A law was passed in 2019. However, like garbage collectors, adjustment is planned according to the difficulty of the job.

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But, for now, the city has only recommended a 5% reduction in working hours or 1,530 hours per year and 5 hours 42 per day for six days. Not enough, according to Eric Rabito, the city’s CGD manager. “ For us, a 20% reduction in working hours is the negotiable minimum », He declares. With this 20% reduction, garbage collectors will work 1,286 hours per year, up from 35 hours per week to 1,607 hours.

The community led by Martin Gate (LR) began to receive unions on Monday. ” Negotiations will continue every day of the week ரோ, said Roland Maureen, vice president of the metropolitan area responsible for cleanliness and waste, during a press conference. I have ” It is difficult to understand that someone is going on strike before negotiations begin He was obviously annoyed. According to him, the problem is national, not Marseille. ” Our room for maneuver is very limited compared to the rules , He argues, while criticizing the state’s lack of clarity on the matter.

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The Force Auvergne union, which joined the strike earlier this week, has already been acquired by the metropolis. He assures that no request was made at the end of this meeting. In addition to reducing working hours, garbage collectors are also asking for an overall reassessment of the compensation plan and recruitment, especially drivers. Will this strike last? For FO, success is absolutely essential. “ We are always afraid that it will last, but I think the cause will prevail “, Roland considers Maureen.

Parisian paradigm

The law threatens to shift the public service among Paris garbage collectors, who they consider to be the losers in the matter. They had already protested the reform in the spring, especially on May 25 in the courtyard of the town hall. On social media, several witnesses also cited the partial police intervention of the police to disperse the protesters.

Tired, garbage collectors, after investing so much during the Govt-19 crisis, are so widely condemned for their ungratefulness as victims. ” We feel like slaves and want to change our rights. We worked during the Govt period and we got nothing », Argued Silla, a city garbage collector, to CNews. ⁇ When we thought we weren’t listening … we were now humiliated. How to interact with people who are inhumane and no longer give us any credit? », We can also read on the Twitter account of the garbage collectors of Paris.

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