Forbidden Horizon West: An Exceptional Sequel

2022 has just begun, but Forbidden horizon west I just made a solid choice about the title of Game of the Year.

I loved Horizon Zero Dawn, 5 years ago? You haven’t seen anything yet. As the sequel to this game, settled exclusively on PlayStation consoles, takes this universe to new heights, using the same rules to extrapolate a larger, more detailed and above all amazing world.

The story basically starts where it left off in 2017. After saving the people of Karga from destruction with her victory in Meridian, Aloy embarks on a new mission, which is to get her hands on a copy of the artificial intelligence Gaia, who is eventually sacrificed in the first episode.

This journey will take the warrior through the Forbidden West scattered in the open world, where you will multiply the battles and quests.

However, be warned. She is talkative. very talkative even; Dialogues between Aloy and her peers are often at the forefront of the plot. Fortunately, this game has been cleverly compiled, keeping the attention of the adrenaline-addicted players and exciting action sequences.

tough fights

If animals have always existed in this devastated post-apocalyptic world, then the animals here consist of machines sometimes reminiscent of creatures, sometimes prehistoric, but always worthy of the epic. finisher. These animals move like wild animals, from which they also seem to have inherited the ferocity and liveliness that they show at the slightest opportunity. Because the battles are tough, demanding and often ruthless, which really gives a tough time to veteran players.

But if the latter is sometimes difficult, it is frankly satisfying and rarely redundant. We had so much fun spending countless hours facing mechanical monsters and moving scrap metal with big spear strikes and predictable arrows at high speed. The same goes for puzzles and brainstorming, whether demanding or fancy, that have been keeping us busy for a long time at a time.

beautiful environment

All this is set in a very cool environment. The capabilities of the PlayStation 5 – the console on which this test was conducted – are not well demonstrated. Both the lush savannah and the submerged worlds have a bewildering degree of detail. The colors are vivid, the textures are rich and the characters are larger than life. These are able to convey endless emotional nuances with just a look.

The only downside? Forbidden horizon west It takes time and energy to understand its complex mechanisms and its best kept secrets. We have scratched our heads trying to understand the process of developing skills and abilities, and have also spent many hours hoarding industrial quantities of different materials, not knowing their usefulness. But don’t worry, patience pays off many times over.

Forbidden horizon west So it is a very big game in which one gets easily lost, and one struggles to leave after the few dozen hours needed to complete their adventure. We already know that this title will represent 2022 in a good way.

Forbidden horizon west ★★★★ 1⁄2

Available on PS4 and PS5.

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