After Criticisms of Opal Winter Do not touch my TV, On Monday, June 7, Cyril Hanouna violently clashed with singer DBMP, She said “Become a Destruction” This was not welcomed in the canal group.

After the empty period, Oblique winter Returns to the front of the stage for the release of his book Regression, look back at an unusual rule Published by Harpers Collins Editions on June 2nd. In order to promote this autobiographical work, the wise man undertook a media tour in recent years, during which time he confirmed his difficult past. She abandoned herself without the problems she had experienced due to her addiction, the paparazzi’s harassment, the serious illnesses that prevented her from living normally, and the sexual assaults she suffered from her uncle. Or his complicated love affairs with celebrities.

Opal Winter Cyril tackles Hanaoun

A heavy past that the artist finally wants to leave. Translator of God gave me hope Now it is full of projects. In an interview 20 minutes, He said he was ready to return to television. But there is no old way. By triggering this revenue on the small screen, he is Cyril Hanouna and Do not touch my TV : “Funny thing, I like to laugh! It’s fun when I do it with friends … But not Hanaoun! Let me be clear … this is not about people.“Critics who do not escape from key stakeholders.

‘S cash answer DBMP

This Monday, June 7th Do not touch my TV, Cyril Hanoun and his columnists responded to Opal Winter’s little challenge. This is the first Raymond who provided an outcry against the singer. Very inverted, He recalled that the host reached out to him during this empty passage. Returning to the article in question, he began: “You saw her pull out! She pulls things out like that! But wait, it’s not going to happen! ‘Not Hana Na’ ? But he only called you! Think in your head! You called her to check on her, you called her when she was bad, you gave her the hotel … and what’s thank you? ‘I will go everywhere except the place of Hanoun’ ? ” A theft approved by Baba.

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“It’s a wreck.”

The problem maker of the C8 was initially moderate, trying to alleviate it by responding to Opal Winter’s words: “She doesn’t have everything in her head”. But in the face of Raymond’s tension, the presenter also overcame the artist: “He’s right. You can not help these people. She fucked on her own. It has become a wreck. This is true, not playing, a distortion. I’m fine. It’s a mess, so I do not know why we are talking about her, Poor. It was better to leave her in her corner. “ He then violently showered the singer’s small screen desires: “Oblique winter, I will not hide from you that it did not prevent me from sleeping. Obli Winter, it seems he wants to do TV again. She truly believes that the world is waiting for her. She really believes there is a chain: ‘No, but what a crazy idea, we’m going to call it Opal Winter!’ I tell you, we don’t want them on the canal board anymore, I don’t think we’ll see its mouth for long. ” Do not touch DBMP

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