Imminent Cyclone Biparjoy between India and Pakistan with winds of up to 150 km/h.  There are already victims «3B Meteo
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It is now imminentWe also write to you arrival Typhoon Pebargui In the stretch of coast between my wilayat Pakistan and India. Around 15/16:00 Italian time, a minimum baric 969hPa will reach the mainland between the cities of Karachi Based on Jamnagar. Currently Biparjoy still Class 1 equivalent But once it makes contact with the continent, it will be downgraded to a tropical storm, losing part of its energy. The worst damage is the wind that can blow with gusts up to 150 m / h It will concern coastal areas (about 320 km of coast) while heavy rains and floods could affect the entire inland sector. The authorities ordered Evacuation of 150,000 people between India and Pakistan But the torrential rains and strong winds that preceded the hurricane had already wreaked havoc Five victimsincluding two children in the state Gujarat.

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